The Wacky Week in Sports

It was quite the interesting week. The World Series is set and it is a matchup I am willing to bet very little predicted. It was another wild one in the NCAA as another big seed fell and yet another was completely humiliated. And the NFL was the NFL, where you never know what is going to happen. The week started off great, as the Pats needed to block a field goal by the lowly Jets in the last seconds to secure a two point victory. How did the week end? Well, that’s what you’re here to find out, right?

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The WN Fantasy Football Report: Week 7 Starts and Sits

You know what I love about having quality fantasy footballers helping me with your weekly starts and sits? I am in three leagues. Two of those leagues I am doing just fine as I am top scorer in one and six points of the lead in the other. My third league has been a nightmare. I was on a three-game losing streak and faced a must-win situation. Rolling into Sunday’s game, I had Pierre Garcon slated in my wide receiver slot. Right before the game, I listened to our own J.D. who has been on fire with his picks, and benched Garcon for Mohamed Sanu. Sanu had a monster game, going off for 29 points in a PPR league, while Garcon turned in 13 points. That’s a difference of 16 points. I won my game by 15. Had I not started Sanu, I tie. Thanks, J.D.

We had a few other picks that made us look very good last week as well. I told you to start Blake Bortles and Joe Flacco with confidence. Bortles threw for over 300 yards and Flacco set a touchdown record with five in 16 minutes. Steve Smith was a solid start, as was Lamar Miller. Our experts did get burned a few times. Eli Manning was Fee’s start of the week and he was embarrassed by the Eagles. J.D. said to sit Cam Newton who had one of the best games by a running back all weekend, despite being a quarterback, and Dunton missed on Rob Gronkowski despite being accurate that Tim Wright would steal his touchdown. Gronk still went for seven receptions and 94 yards, so he turned in a very respectable game.

This week the Eagles are on bye. That means Nick Foles, LeSean McCoy, Jeremy Maclin, Zach Ertz and the Eagles defense will all be on the pine. There has also been a bevy of major injuries leaving fantasy’s biggest stars in doubt. Will Megatron suit up? What about A.J. Green? There is no denying so many big names are out this week and fantasy owners will have a lot of questions to answer. Don’t worry, folks, that’s what we’re here for!

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Three Huge Story Lines for Week 7 of the NFL

This has to stop. These people telling us that the Dallas Cowboys are the best team in football must be silenced. They are a good team right now. They are extremely hot right now. That does not make them the best team in football. Just stop it.

Last week was a wild one in the NFL. The Denver Broncos had a mild scare in New York against the Jets, but at the end of the day they walked away with an easy victory. The Cleveland Browns showed that they are for real, winning their first game without having to come back from double digit deficits. My Texans proved they have improved leaps and bounds from last years catastrophic finish (and by finish I mean from Game 3 to the end of the season). They trailed the Colts in the first quarter 24-0, but J.J. Watt led a vicious comeback attack, and although they fell just short, they never gave up like Kubiak’s Kids would have. And yes, the Dallas Cowboys pulled off a very impressive victory in Seattle, dismantling the Seahawks in one of the hardest stadiums to play in, moving to 5-1. The Cowboys are rolling, but to anoint them the best team in football six games in with a proven choke artist at the helms is a bit premature. Not to mention, they are tied with the Philadelphia Eagles atop the NFC East.

The Eagles, along with the Suck-a-neers, have a bye this week. If so many people are jumping on the Cowboys bandwagon, why are the Eagles so quickly being overlooked. I think my friend and Philadelphia sports guru, The Law Dog, hit the nail on the head.

“5-1 is great. Black Sunday was a great game to go to. McCoy going off was fantastic (especially for two of my fantasy squads). I know this is a day to celebrate the Eagles, but I got to say…Foles is still not playing that great. 10 turnovers for a guy who in 2013 was praised as a protector of the football. It was the #1 rebuttle to Foles haters. Coming into this year, Foles’ biggest strength is now his #1 weakness. Eagles are -5 in turnover differential this year. There are 13 teams that don’t have a positive turnover differential this year. The other 12 teams are 17-49.”

Maybe the week off can get Nick Foles some rest. We here at Wayniac Nation don’t get a bye week. So, what is there to watch this weekend in the NFL? You know I have the answers to that!

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The Wacky Week in Sports

It’s hard to believe that we are a third of the way through the NFL season. It’s hard to believe we are halfway through October! It’s even harder to comprehend what’s going on in the ALCS! That being said, we sports fans certainly had another eventful week in sports. College football was a bit tamer, walk-offs, and late inning heroics continue to shine in baseball and Peyton Manning keeps throwing touchdowns. He’s no Joe Flacco, however (Go BLUE HENS!)

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The WN Fantasy Football Report: Week 6 Starts and Sits

Our fantasy staff had a mixed bag of results in our starts and sits last week. That being said, if you listened to most of what we said on who to start and sit, you should have propelled yourself to victory. Tom Brady and the Patriots came out and redeemed themselves after an embarrassing week in Kansas City. This hurt Fee and Dunton on their sits. J.D, Ted Reed and I, however, didn’t miss on ours. Ted foresaw a dismal day by the Cardinals defense and J.D. nailed it with Alfred Morris and his two points. I told you to sit Colin Kaepernick. There were 15 quarterbacks who scored better than this over rated chump, so even if you were in a 14-team league, he didn’t fare as a starter. Montee Ball, Eddie Royal, Travis Kelce and the Bears defense (my other sits of the week) all registered under ten points. If you listened to me and started Greg Olsen, the Lions defense, Eli Manning and DeAndre Hopkins, you probably walked away with a win.

Last week was marred by some big time injuries. Calvin Johnson is highly questionable and very uncertain to play in Sunday’s bout against the Vikings. Donald Brown, Rashad Jennings, Montee Ball, Jake Locker, Zac Stacy, Jimmy Graham and Reggie Bush all left games hurt last week. This week, the Saints and Chiefs are on byes, and they are two teams with some explosive fantasy starters that will need to be replaced. So who do you turn to this week? You know we have your answers!

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Three Huge Stories For NFL Week 6

Well, folks, we learned quite a bit this past weekend. One thing is for certain: The Patriots and Tom Brady have plenty of life left in them. They’re also have classy cheerleaders, who donned Devon Still‘s jersey in support of his cancer-stricken four year old daughter, Leah. It brought tears to Still’s eye on the sideline and reminded us all to be #LeahStrong.

We also learned that Aaron Rodgers is back in the groove and up to his old mischief. He is simply unbelievable. How does someone in such a pass-happy NFL throw so many touchdowns and just ONE interception? Speaking of touchdowns, we learned that Peyton Manning is good at what he does. Manning threw his 500, 501, 502 and 503 touchdown this past Sunday, leaving him five shy of Brett Favre‘s record. Will he break it this week?

The Saints have a much needed bye this week. They had to fight back to beat the lowly Tampa Bay Suck-a-neers and Rob Ryan’s future has to be in question. The Kansas City Chiefs also have a rest week as they recover from a tough loss at San Francisco. That leaves 15 games on the menu. Which are the ones we should watch closest? That’s what I’m here for!

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The Wacky Week in Sports

WOW! The only way this week could get any wackier would be if Kirk Cousins came out and dropped 500 yards and six touchdowns on the Seattle Seahawks on Monday Night Football. The BCS got turned upside down as Mississippi became the greatest state in the nation. The Dodgers untouchable ace got lit up and the Baltimore Orioles and the Kansas City Royals are in the ALCS. You can reread that again five times and it will make no more sense than it did the first time.

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