The Wayniac Nation Fantasy Football Preview: Busts, Breakthroughs, Sleepers and MVPs

People often ask me, “Wayniac, shouldn’t you be winning fantasy championships year in and year out if I am supposed to trust you as a fantasy expert?” My reply is often the same: “Are you that stupid?”

As a blogger and fantasy player, I give you weekly advice about the game of fantasy football. I don’t get to draft every player I discuss, nor do I have many of them on my teams. Plus, I have to square off against my fellow experts, three of which in this preview have single handedly prevented me from winning a championship the past two seasons.

People also ask me why I started a blog. The main reason was to voice my opinion. But along the way, I formed the Wayniac Nation team. My friends know sports, especially fantasy, and I knew if I gave them the platform to find their voice they would.

Last year, we did ok in our preview (relive the memories right HERE), but as the season grew on, our weekly Starts and Sits grew stronger and stronger. This year, I added my wife to the panel of fantasy experts, as she has become quite the fantasy geek under three years of my tutelage. This is long, but my crack team of experts really have thrown together a great Fantasy Football Preview that has me proud to think how far we have come. Read it. Live it. Draft it.

No need for a magazine, all the fantasy advice you need is a click away!

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New York Yankees: Reflections from #PettitteDay


Although the wife and I live in Atlanta, and despite the fact that I can’t shake that Red Sox fandom out of her, each summer we make a trek to the Bronx to take in a New York Yankees game with Big Lar and Stace. This year, D-Sant tagged along, which was fitting.

You see, D-Sant, Big Lar, Greene and myself lived at the old Stadium across the street when I lived up North. It was a time when The Captain was king, The Sandman put you to bed and this big lefty stared you down over the end of his glove. While many people questioned this weekend’s activities, I couldn’t have been happier to be at Andy Pettitte Day.

My thoughts and some photos from my day in the Bronx

Presidents ride bikes for the newly launched Capital Bikeshare

The Washington Nationals: How thou annoy me

I’m officially over the Washington Nationals. Maybe it’s because I live in Atlanta and nobody here likes them. Maybe it’s because they are the biggest joke in baseball. Seriously, look:


Who’s there?



See, hilarious.

Why are the Nationals baseball’s biggest running joke?

Photo cred: NJ.com

A New York Yankees prospect discussion with SWB’s John Sadak

You may remember the name John Sadak from the annals of Wayniac Nation.  Mr. Sadak, the voice of the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre RailRiders, the New York Yankees Triple-A squad, was the first interview in my new writing career (which you can check out right here if you’d like). Since then, I have actually met John in person at a game and got to talk some shop, and this past week, I was fortunate enough to have him answer some questions about the future of Yankees baseball.

Unlike last year, where the RailRiders — and Yankees themselves — were struggling, the RailRiders — and the Yankees themselves! — are atop their division. John has had the opportunity to watch top Yankees prospects like Aaron Judge, Luis Severino, and Greg Bird develop into full fledged superstars. The Yankees farm system went from the bottom third in baseball to a top ten organization. Who better to ask about the exciting turnaround than the man who watches and talks RailRiders baseball every day of the season?


(The interview was featured on John Sickels SB Nation site, MinorLeagueBall.com, my new home for all of my Minor League Baseball musings.)

Click here to read my exclusive one-on-one with John Sadak talking about Judge, Severino, Bird, and more Yankees prospects!

Photo cred: MLB.com

MLB’s newest hit king: Ichiro Suzuki?

If you don’t know by now, Ichiro Suzuki — arguably the best natural hitter in modern baseball — tied Ty Cobb with his 4,191st hit this past Friday. If you are not on social media (why you aren’t following @UofDWayne on Twitter or thewayniac on Instagram by now is astonishing, so do it!) you probably aren’t aware of the backlash that Ichiro’s seemingly innocent single off of Jaime Garcia has created.

Does Ichiro deserve to be MLB’s All Time Hit King? Find out…

Photo Cred: PGA.com

The PGA Championship: Johnsons for Days

One major left. The gang is all back, as Rory returns from injury and Tiger golfed a somewhat significant round last weekend. Who will take down the Championship? Dunton is back for one last 2015 Major Preview.

The year’s final Major is here. The final shot at glory, the last chance at making history, the final hurrah of a fun filled four Major run.

Who does Dunton see winning the PGA Championship?


Fantasy football Wayniac Nation style: A new era in fantasy football

Yup. It’s back, folks. That time of year that completely monopolizes your everyday life as you sit and check the likes of Rotoworld and Bleacher Report on an hourly basis. Fantasy football season is abound!

I have already summonsed the Wayniac Nation Fantasy Football team, and next week will be our Second Annual Breakthroughs, Busts and Sleepers Special. I got excited sending out the email to the team, I hope you are excited to see what they have to say.

But that’s next week. Today, I have a question that needs to be answered. Is there a new era in fantasy football?

Drafting a WR first overall??? Find out why you should start thinking about it.