The WN Fantasy Football Report: week 5 start ’em and sit ’ems

And last week highlighted the emotional roller coaster that we call fantasy football. One week after nearly two dozen players registered 30 or more points, they all came crashing back to earth. One week after 180 points was getting you a one point win, you were hoping to sneak a victory out by scoring 90 points. This is the life we have chosen, folks.

How did we do?

Dunton and Saucy T were right that Derek Carr would make a nice bye week/injury replacement. I, myself, listened to their advice and was able to beat our own Wayniac Nation expert JD by starting Carr for Andrew Luck. Saucy T also nailed that Martellus Bennett, whose 24 point day crushed me in one league.

A bevy of running backs picked by our experts as sits played just as they said… poorly. Carlos Hyde‘s three points, certainly didn’t help anyone, while Joseph Randle‘s whopping eight points were quite the opposite of his three TD performance last week. C.J. Anderson has entered must sit territory and is now part of the dreaded RBBC.

I must admit how proud I am. The Wifeyiac knocked it out of the park as four of her predictions should have won you games. She told you Devonta Freeman was no joke and to start him and that Cam Newton, despite many thinking he would struggle with a depleted WR corps, is back to must start status. If you sat Matthew Stafford (as she and Teddy Ballgame advised) and Alfred Morris you did alright.

The Wayniac? I had an off week. My start of the week came through in a big way as Philip Rivers went off for 358 yards and three TDs. Unfortunately, Jeremy Hill snuck in the end zone three times to disguise the fact that he still isn’t running the ball very well at all, making my sit of the week wrong. I aso told you to start Jonathan Stewart, with the label that if he couldn’t get it done against the Bucs, he wasn’t gong to get it done. Well, folks, his five points led me to my only fantasy loss in my three leagues last week, so Mr. Stewart is not an advised start until further notice.

Panthers, Dolphins, Jets and Vikings are on a bye this week. So, who’s on the menu for fantasy football week 5?

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Go Cubs Go!!! Today’s random thoughts

I wrote a few weeks back how teams like the Houston Astros and Chicago Cubs are bringing America’s Pastime back to the forefront and making the sport fun to watch again. The past two nights have shown why.

The Cubs and Astros have advanced past the win-or-go-home Wild Card round and are truly playoff teams now. So what can we expect going down the road?

MLB Playoffs musings in this morning’s random thoughts

San Francisco Giants pitcher Tim Hudson, left, and Oakland Athletics pitcher Barry Zito smile at each other prior to a news conference before a baseball game Friday, Sept. 25, 2015, in Oakland, Calif. (AP Photo/Ben Margot)

17 years of Tim Hudson in today’s random thoughts

Well, you won’t have to worry about me writing about that abomination in the Bronx last night. All I could hear in my head was good ol’ Harry Doyle: Three hits? We got three damn hits?


The New York Yankees season is over, and while some big strides were made, they have a lot of work to do. A lot. Do you realize that close to $300-million dollars sat and watched that game? Jacoby Ellsbury, Mark Teixeira and C.C. Sabathia are all $100-million men, and Ellsbury saw one inning of play. Money well spent, guys. But like I said, the Yankees season has come to an end.

So has the career of one of the best pitchers of his generation. And quite honestly, I don’t think he got anywhere near his fair credit or fanfare. He may not have won any Cy Young Awards, but Tim Hudson was certainly atop his game for a long time.

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Batted ball-gate in today’s random thoughts

What Bill Belichick is to cheating the NFL, Pete Carroll is to getting away with the worst calls ever. I remember the Tuesday after the infamous Fail Mary I wrote on Facebook that I may never be able to watch football again. I had seen bad calls in football, but none at the very end of the game that so severely influenced the outcome. Then came K.J. Wright.

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Being a mediocre QB in the NFL still scores hot gals!

Joe must go and other NFL musings in Monday’s random thoughts

The Houston Texans have a few great players on their football team, but neither of them stem from the quarterback position. The Miami Dolphins don’t have a single great player on offense. But they have a whole bunch of good ones that makes what is happening with the Phins completely unacceptable. In fact, if it were up to me, Joe Philbin wouldn’t even be allowed on the plane ride home across the pond. Hope you have your passport, sir.

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NFL Sundays with SBJ: Lean on me

As I have said, I have known the Sportsbook Jesus since 1994. He is one of the most creative minds I know, which means over the years, we have butted heads on a few things. Take yesterday for example.

The Wayniac: Dude, why does it take you 3,000 words to tell people who to pick? 

Sportsbook Jesus: I’m the Sportsbook Jesus.

TW: You’re a pain in my ass is what you are.

SBJ: Look, you can go to any site and read about three free picks. What I’m doing here is teaching a philosophy. What happens on Saturday when they want to bet on college football? What happens when they want action on the other 10 or 12 games I don’t tell them about? Now, they know how to pick on their own.

TW: Dude, we went to college together. We sucked at philosophy.

SBJ: This is different.

TW: How?

SBJ: Because… well… so, you’re saying be less wordy?

TW: Welcome to The Nation.

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10/31/01- Derek Jeter wins the game. (Photo red: NY Post)

Start spreading the news in today’s random thoughts

Man, that got scary Yankees fans. Leave it to the old Boston Red Sox to try and salvage their disappointing season by ruining ours. I don’t care how good or bad either team is, this rivalry to me is still the greatest.

Theeeeee Yankees win!!!