Frank Wren and The Braves Way

It’s a new era in Braves Country. Last week, the Atlanta Braves fired General Manager Frank Wren. Wren, who was handed the reigns from legendary Braves GM John Shuerholz in 2007, was a man known for building the minor league system. Wren was a man who stuck to his young guns and homegrown talent in hopes of winning championships, more lovingly known down here as The Braves Way, but that ultimately may have been his demise.

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The Wacky Week in Sports

What a week, folks! There was great football on both the college and professional level. No NFL players beat anyone or were caught with weed, so that is always a plus. The baseball playoffs have been decided, and the world said goodbye to a legend. What more can you ask for in seven days?

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Sprint NBA All-Star Celebrity Game 2014

ESPN Strikes Back

Bill Simmons is one of the reasons Dunton asked to join Wayniac Nation as a writer. Aside from his Boston loyalties, I think Simmons is a hell of a sports mind as well. Well, Simmons is now suspended and Dunton isn’t happy. He asked if he could go off in a rant on how ESPN is in the wrong for suspending a sports analyst for discussing sports. Bash ESPN, you say? Of course, Dunton, go right ahead…

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The Storybook Ending for Derek Jeter

What needs to be said? Throughout the entire final season of The Captain’s career, he has been coronated king of all Yankees and lambasted for his ego-driven, self-righteous farewell tour. We’ve seen Top Ten plays of his career and endless retrospects about the 20-year career of the kid from Kalamazoo with big dreams of pinstripes. I’ve written about it myself on Yanks Go Yard as most recently as yesterday with my Farewell Captain piece and his retirement was one of the first things I covered as a blogger here at Wayniac Nation. It quite literally has all been said.

CC? The first one out? That's almost as bad as Wade Boggs on the horse in '96! (Photo credit: USA Today)

CC? The first one out? That’s almost as bad as Wade Boggs on the horse in ’96! (Photo credit: USA Today)

So, on this Friday morning, let’s just sit back and watch. Let’s watch the play over and over that epitomizes why even those who hate the Yankees, why even those Yankees fans who pretend to be tired of Derek Jeter, and why every true baseball fan tuned in to MLB Network last night to say Farewell Captain.


The WN Fantasy Football Report: Week 4 Starts and Sits

Week three was a mixed bag as far as the Wayniac Nation experts Starts and Sits picks went. Fee, Dunton and Ted Reed took some gambles and missed, but J.D. and I were dead on. If you listened to J.D. and benched anyone in the Patriots backfield, you did ok as Vereen and Ridley COMBINED for a measly 12 points. If you started Pierre Thomas like he told you, then you got 15 points from your RB2 which is pretty stellar. Sits that made me look good were Jake Locker (who had less than 10 points), Vernon Davis (who was scratched) and Wes Welker (12 points). Starts that made me look like a genius were Knile Davis (19 points), Greg Olson (17 points), Alshon Jeffery (20 points) and Jay Cutler (23 points). So, it took a few weeks, but I told you we’d come around!

This week is the first week of byes, so, especially with teams like the Broncos and Seahawks off, filling the void is crucial. As Benny Smalls said, “This is a critical week for starts as there are six teams on byes. Trust your waiver wire skills and draft prep… translation: Dunton is screwed!” So who is out there worthy of a spot start with so many big names on the golf course this weekend? We got the answers for you, that’s why you clicked here after all, isn’t it?

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Ryder Cup Time: USA USA USA!!!

Well, folks, this is it. Wayniac Nation’s golf expert Mike Dunton (@dartbus1521) brings you one last piece of the 2014 season. I can’t thank him enough for his efforts this golf season. He went from a guy who would write an article about golf to a bona fide expert, a guy my readers would taunt for his “crazy” picks that suddenly started to come to fruition. Without further ado, I give you Dunton’s swan song to 2014. We can’t wait for what you have in store for 2015.

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3 Big Story Lines for Week 4 in the NFL

Week three proved to be yet another exciting one in the 2014 NFL season. The undefeateds lost more than half of their prestigious club as four teams dropped to 2-1 while only three moved on to 3-0. The Eagles, Bengals and Arizona Cardinals are all that’s left in the NFL that are undefeated. I am sure that is a sentence no one ever imagined to be spoken. The Oakland Raiders and Tampa Bay Buccaneers can’t buy a win as Tampa does not look like they are in lovie with Smith in their first season.

Week four is the first of those pesky byes and six teams have off for the weekend. There will be no Peyton Manning or Russell Wilson this week, nor will there be any of the surprising high-powered Cleveland Brown rushing attack of Terrance West and Isaiah Crowell. The Austin Davis led Rams will have a week to get their injury-plagued heads straight, and we have one guarantee. The Cardinals and Bengals will remain undefeated heading into week five, but if there is a way to lose a game on your week off, there is no doubt in my mind that Marvin Lewis would find out how to do it.

Don’t worry, folks. There is still plenty of football action going down. I will toot my own horn a little bit. The last two weeks I have been on fire with my mini-predicitions. That means this week, it should all come crumbling down.